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Airport planning and design

Expert knowledge of airport processes is essential for the design and development of customised solutions.

AERTEC stands out in the development of engineering services that are directly related to airport infrastructures. Among these services, the following stand out:

Studies and plans:

Denver International Airport


Airport infrastructures:

AERTEC has a team of multidisciplinary engineers with experience in the design and simulation of airport infrastructures for industrial aeronautical use (hangars, cargo terminals, etc.), operational use (RFFS buildings, power plants, etc.) and logistical use (workshops, depots, multifunctional warehouses, etc.). AERTEC Solutions deals with everything from the size of the facilities (based on the needs expressed by the client), to the layout of the work stations, the specific equipment, and the definition of the preliminary processes.

Air traffic control tower

Control towers

A control tower is still a building. However, a control tower’s conditions of use add another special dimension to the features it shares with other buildings. As an aeronautical engineering firm specialised in airport infrastructures, AERTEC is also an expert in the design of buildings as distinctly aeronautical as control towers. We have a large multidisciplinary group of professionals in engineering, architecture and other disciplines, which allows us to undertake this type of design with great efficiency.

Our capacity and experience allow us to act as consultants and principal engineers in the complete design of control towers. We can cover everything from its initial planning, the establishment of its optimal location and height, equipment needs and its adaptation to international standards right up to its detailed design, which includes the architectural concept and basic design.

Terminal areas

Arquitectura terminales aeropuertos
Malaga Airport Cargo terminal

Ancillary buildings


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