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GNC Systems

AERTEC designs, develops and implements new technological capabilities in the field of Guidance, Navigation and Control.

AERTEC’s GNC Systems Department has been working for many years on various projects developing optronic systems for onboard equipment on different platforms and aerial vehicles, continually growing in capacity, knowledge and know-how.

AERTEC provides the Defence market with specific innovative products:

  • GNC system for rockets, missiles or bomblets
  • Laser seeker
  • µASM A-Fox micro-missiles (50 and 70 mm)
  • Laser effectors / transmitters
  • Countermeasure systems for UAVs 

These are AERTEC’s own developments, which are designed entirely using our own technology, based on:

  • miniaturised onboard electronics
  • integration of state-of-the-art sensors and electronic components (optical sensors, inertial sensors, processors, FPGAs, etc.)
  • analysis and design of rocket engines for propulsion subsystems, to provide them with the necessary thrust for flight using state-of-the-art materials and technology to optimise the power-to-weight ratio
  • our own aerodynamic simulator
  • creation and finite element analysis of 3D models
  • rapid prototyping to optimise time-to-market
  • use of different kinds of laboratories, wind tunnels, environmental chambers, facilities for laser designation tests, etc.
AERTEC microdiodo láser


Electronic warfare systems are key to ensuring the protection and survival of next generation weapon systems. Electronic warfare (EW) systems encompass a range of EW techniques and equipment in the following general categories: electronic support measures (ESM), electronic countermeasures (ECM) and electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM).

AERTEC is working to further develop laser technologies, which are a core component of DIRCM and DEW subsystems, and to demonstrate the extent to which they contribute to the performance of electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems.

AERTEC focuses on studying state-of-the-art technology to develop new laser transmitter prototypes, to achieve:

  • Smaller dimensions;
  • Specific wavelengths;
  • Increased optical power;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Eye-safe solutions;
  • Protective measures for UAVs (anti-jamming and countermeasures).

Laser guided systems

In recent years, the use of guided munition is taking on increasing importance to ensure substantial improvements in terms of accuracy and reduction of collateral damage.

With this in mind, AERTEC has developed a GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) system based on semi-active lasers (SAL) that is independent of the platform, to guarantee high precision guidance and navigation. Thanks to this GNC system, the platform acquires the capacity to detect the target and act accordingly, varying its flight conditions until it impacts the target.

This completely modular high-performance system is small and light, which allows its integration into different platforms for different applications. The system acts on the aerodynamic surfaces of the platform, basing its navigation on a fusion between inertial and optical (laser) sensors.

Guided by laser
AERTEC Micromisil

The Spanish Air Force has classified it as a product of high military interest for Defence. It is also ITAR-free (International Regulation of Arms Trafficking), and offers remarkable versatility, since it can be installed in both air-surface and surface-surface systems.

This laser guidance system has been integrated with:

  • 70 mm rockets
  • Micro-missiles for UAVs
  • Training guided bombs

AERTEC’s µASM A-Fox micro-missiles, which are especially designed for use on light unmanned platforms, also have this guidance system.

Defence solutions with and in RPAS

AERTEC designs aerospace systems for aircraft, unmanned aerial platforms and highly dynamic vehicles, both for commercial and military use.

Our products include lightweight tactical RPAS, designed in-house with our proprietary technology.

The new concept of military operations in which UAVs have a higher participation index, such as the use of aerial platforms for different types of mission, leads to the increase of capacities for these systems. Equip them with defensive capabilities for current battle scenarios which includes threats as guided missiles by IR or Manpads, is one of the needs of the last few years.

Guided systems for RPAS

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