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Participation of AERTEC professionals in various events, in keeping with our commitment to spread knowledge of aeronautics and participate in the development of the aerospace sector.

AERTEC, Javier Galnares

Javier Galnares

Aerospace & Defence Systems

“Applications involving fully electric and hybrid aircraft will require high reliability, high availability and power density.”

All-Electric & Hybrid Aircraft 2021

Organised by IQPC (International Quality and Productivity Center)
July 28, 2021

This event brought together the entire supply chain to discuss developments for the architectures, systems and components of electric and hybrid aircraft. The technological opportunities and challenges until commercial viability is achieved were also discussed. The overall goal was to support the industry in the design of next-generation aircraft that have better fuel efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

Among the main topics discussed on the future of electric and hybrid aircraft were their reduced weight, complexity, fuel consumption, operational costs and environmental impact.

Also addressed was the development of the new electrical propulsion systems needed to satisfy these requirements and provide significant technical and financial improvements over conventional mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

AERTEC Vicente Padilla

Vicente Padilla

AERTEC CEO and co-founder

“There is no means of transport that is more environmentally friendly than air transport. We have to be fair and account for every externality for the debate to be reasonable.”

Aeronautical Sector Climate Summit

Organised by COIAE
April 30, 2021

The first summit of the aeronautical sector devoted exclusively to the climate hosted 25 speakers in a mixed format of conferences and round tables, and accommodated the necessary debate on climate change and its impact on aviation, as well as the solutions proposed by the industry.

After it was opened by the President of COIAE, and Manuel Huertas, president of Airbus Operations in Spain, gave his remarks, the sustainability report prepared by the College of Aeronautical Engineers was presented. Vicente Padilla and Javier Gándara then gave their introductory presentations on the impact of aviation and a roadmap to more sustainable aviation.

This was followed by four round tables, which focused on: “The aeronautical sector and the challenges of the Paris COP21”, “Mitigation of the Environmental Impact: Challenges in energy sources”, “The aircraft of the future” and “Challenges of airport environments”.

AERTEC Antonio Gómez-Guillamón

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón

AERTEC CEO and co-founder

“We are facing the most challenging period in the aerospace industry: the pandemic, the potential of digitisation, climate change, new forms of mobility, new space, planetary missions. Spain’s and Europe’s aerospace strategy must adapt to all of this.”

Transfiere Forum

Organised by Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, Consejería de Transformación Económica, Industria, Conocimiento y Universidades de la Junta de Andalucía, Málaga Council.
April 14, 2021

Transfiere is the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation. It is the main R&D gathering in Southern Europe for sharing scientific and technological knowledge, promoting innovation and connecting science and business.

Each year in Malaga, the Transfiere Forum brings together the leading public and private stakeholders in the field of research and knowledge transfer from throughout Europe. It is a key professional and multi-sector forum for transferring knowledge, enhancing competitiveness in the business sector and generating business and networking opportunities. It also makes it possible to establish new B2B contacts, do networking, find new partners, set up strategic alliances and synergies, as well as to advertise new and innovative products, services and projects.

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón took part in the event called “Science room”, moderating the round table on “Aerospace strategy, new opportunities”.

AERTEC Fernando Martín

Fernando Martín

Marketing & Communication Director

“The brand is built every day over the course of our activity, and requires constant vigilance to stay consistent in its relationship with the market.”

Seminar: “Branding, a business platform for the company”

Organised by ESIC Business & Marketing School and the Spanish Branding Association
April 7, 2021

The seminar focused on the world of branding in business, and featured experts and professionals from various organisations, who explained their perspective and experience in branding. The third edition of the BrandPulse study on the Health of Branding in Spain was also presented.

According to the speakers, the brand is the most important intangible asset of any organisation, since it is what remains in the minds of customers once they have consumed its products or services. The brand creates links and trust.

Fernando Martín, the Marketing Director of AERTEC, a company that recently underwent a significant change in its corporate identity as part of its evolutionary process, highlighted the importance of professionals: “A brand today is based, above all, on people. Our staff have the greatest effect in building it”.

AERTEC Alan MacGuire

Alan MacGuire

Airport Consulting Director

“The role that innovation and technology will play in driving recovery will be key to unlocking and boosting improvements in passenger experience and safety.”

“Future of airport operations in the Middle East”

Organised by Enterprise Ireland
March 31, 2021

A discussion panel of high-level experts focusing on the region’s airports post-Covid situation and the conditions for getting back to normal.

As passenger numbers begin to increase, airport operators play a vital role in balancing additional health and safety requirements with the focus on providing a good passenger experience.

Our colleague Alan participated together with Alan O’Mahony, market advisor for Enterprise Ireland, Anita Kelly, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Ireland in the United Arab Emirates, Nick Cole, CEO of DAA International and Abdelkhaliq Abdalla, Director of Operations at Sharjah Airport.

AERTEC Antonio Gómez-Guillamón

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón

AERTEC CEO and co-founder

“We must evolve towards simpler regulations for developing companies in order to focus effort on starting up, innovating, creating, growing and generating jobs.”

“SUR Forum”

Organised by the Sur Daily (Diario Sur, in Spanish), Grupo Vocento and Málaga’s Provincial Government
March 18, 2021

The Sur Forum (Foro Sur, in Spanish) addressed the positioning of Málaga as an international centre for technological and digital development, analysing the present situation and opportunities opening up in the coming years.

This event coincided with the announcement that the Andalusian Digital Agency will be located in Málaga; Google has chosen the city as the location for its Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence. And, at the same time, Dekra announced that its global information technologies hub will also be located here. The forum also covered a wide range of technological and digital projects that the participating companies are involved in.

The AERTEC CEO and co-founder attended the event together with directors from Google, Dekra, Premo, Lumon, Freepik, Uptodown and more.

AERTEC Virginia Cruz

Virginia Cruz

Quality Director

“The key to digitalisation is not technology, but people and the transformation of business models. It is a transversal discipline; it is only achieved by involving the entire staff and with the sponsorship of the General Management.”

Best practices for “Management in Industry 4.0”

Organised by the Spanish Association of Defence, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technologies (TEDAE) and the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC)
February 23, 2021

AERTEC is leading the “Management-Industry 4.0” workgroup. We are developing a guide that aims to motivate companies in the sector to start their digital transformation process. It provides general guidelines on how to integrate new technologies in all areas of a company to change the way it works. The objective is to optimise processes, improve competitiveness and offer new added value to our customers.

The group is made up of 9 leading companies in the sector, INDRA, NAVANTIA, AIRBUS, KAIZEN INSTITUTE, ITP AERO, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, GMV, EVERIS and AERTEC.

AERTEC Laura Maestre

Laura Maestre

Human Resources Department

“We must develop engineers’ communication skills. They finish their degree with great technical expertise, but often they are not equipped with the necessary communication skills to share their knowledge.”

“Evolution of engineering skills in the new aerospace world”

Organised by the Spanish Association of Aerospace Engineers (COIAE)
February 22, 2021

This seminar looked at the change in the engineering profiles that companies are looking for. According to Laura, although engineers leave university very well prepared in terms of the technical level of their schools, this only represents 50% of what is required of them at work. Therefore, in preparing engineers for the business world, greater attention should be paid to their “soft skills”, especially communication.

Globalisation, on the other hand, values language skills – not just English, which clearly will be required at a high level. If the “multiculturalism” facet of most projects is included, she also highlighted the importance of experience outside the country of origin. Finally, she also mentioned the importance of developing digital skills.

AERTEC Vicente Padilla

Vicente Padilla

AERTEC CEO and co-founder

“For a company’s future, innovation is as essential as it is for the business owner to listen to people who know what they’re talking about.” 

Entrepreneurship and leadership conference

Organised by the Spanish Association of Aeronautical Engineers (COIAE)
February 9, 2021

More and more, entrepreneurship is key in the aerospace industry. This is a sector in a continuous process of technological change in which innovation, new ideas and the promotion of new ways of thinking are central pillars for generating new aerospace companies that participate in boosting the sector.

This roundtable discussion was also attended by the general director of FIIXIT, the general director for Europe of, the co-founder of PLD Space, and the president of the Spanish Association of Aeronautical Engineers.

AERTEC Sara Bellido

Sara Bellido

Director of Business Development in Aerospace Systems and Defence

“The standard for operations or services performed on a recurring basis is to streamline or make them flexible. This is no longer limited to emergency operations, rather its application is extended to other service providers. For platform manufacturers, such as AERTEC, it translates into creating certainty in the market and therefore in greater development of the UAS sector.”

Roundtable Discussion: “New European regulations for UAS”

Organised by EVA (High Flying Women, or Ellas Vuelan Alto, in Spanish)
January 28, 2021

Harmonising regulations for all EU member states is favourable for the industry in terms of the free market and the safety of all citizens, as well as allowing free movement of drones in equal conditions within the EU. Therefore, new regulations will allow users to operate UAS in other EU member states without the need to obtain additional permits once authorized in the state where they are registered.

In the case of AERTEC, given the type of platforms we design and manufacture (TARSIS 25 of 25kg and TARSIS 75 of 75kg MTOW respectively), our operations are considered medium risk; therefore, the open category does not apply to them as they fall under the specific category. This requires requesting operational authorisation from AESA because currently, there is only one standard scenario for fixed wing platforms, and this does not apply to us. Manufacturers are confident that more national standard scenarios will be authorised throughout the year.

Also of interest is the new material that EASA is developing specifically for a LUAS Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems certificate of airworthiness and other guidance to gain approval as a DOA design organization for UAS.

AERTEC Ana Pérez

Ana Pérez

Airport Planning Expert

“To achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions in 2050 it is necessary to act in each of the airport project stages: planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.”

“II Spanish Airport Civil Works Summit”

Organised by the Spanish Association of Aeronautical Engineers (COIAE)
January 18, 2021

More than twenty experts debated the challenges of airport infrastructures at the II Airport Civil Works Summit. The first roundtable discussion analysed the sustainable growth of infrastructures.

With the aim of achieving 0 carbon emissions in 2050, AERTEC includes sustainability principles in every stage of a project.

In PLANNING, by considering the possible limitations that emission restrictions can impose on passenger growth. In the DESIGN phase of airport expansion, by planning a stage that allows gradual increases in capacity and thus more precisely adapting capacity to demand and, therefore, optimising carbon emissions not only in the CONSTRUCTION phase, but also in the infrastructure’s OPERATION and MAINTENANCE phases.

AERTEC professionals participated together with experts from companies including Idom, Ineco, Aena and Isdefe.

The summit included other complementary roundtable discussions on sustainable growth in airport infrastructures, special infrastructures and innovation in adapting infrastructures to the needs of sustainable air transport.