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Our differential value

Expert knowledge

The content of a contract may not always reflect the entire project requirements. We might be aware of the objectives, what is required, or how the problem had been previously solved, but at AERTEC we know that we should always offer something extra. The way we respond to challenges is our differential value.

The expertise of all our professionals guarantees the best possible results, and it allows us to take on challenges with an open mind and a broader perspective of the situation. This in-depth knowledge helps us to discover different ways of looking at and solving requirements, something that would not be possible any other way.

Creativity, initiative and generation of new knowledge are not only words, but also our way of work

Our people

The materials we work with at AERTEC are people and their knowledge. For this reason we look after them and do everything possible to help them reach their maximum potential. Aspects such as creativityinitiative and the generation of new knowledge make all the difference in our sector. This is achieved by motivated professionals with the resources to offer everything they can.

For this reason our values are directly related to the final quality of our work:

  • Our professionals are highly qualified in different disciplines, and from different cultures. This makes it easier for us to understand and share the requirements of each and every client.
  • Our independence guarantees impartiality and total dedication to the project in hand.
  • Our business vision and open-minded culture allows us to adapt to the needs and changes in our environment.
  • We bring together people from different cultures all with an international vocation, allowing us to work in a global environment.
  • We believe in sustainable development and in equal opportunities, two aspects that increase the quality of our proposals.
  • We develop innovative systems that generate new knowledge and help our professionals continuously improve their capabilities.

Our organisation

Our structure is designed in such a way that the information flows freely between the different areas of the company.

This helps managers make informed decisions and it also allows the professionals involved in a determined project to draw on the support and knowledge of the entire organisation.

To maintain this direction, special emphasis is put on R&D+I. We engage all our professionals, encouraging them to offer ideas and initiatives.

To facilitate communication and allow complete access for all employees to our corporate know-how we make use of all relevant technologies . Work methods based on collaboration and shared information make us more assured and allow us to use the synergies in each project to our best advantage.