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Aircraft design

An expert multidisciplinary team committed to the MEA (More Electric Aircraft) concept.

Aircraft design with high standards of efficiency and safety.

AERTEC has many years of experience as a supplier to the aeronautical industry in the areas of design, customisation and installation of electrical infrastructure on aircraft, as well as other cabin and wing elements. We cover the entire electrical design cycle according to our client’s needs, striving for the greatest possible efficiency and adapting those needs to current safety standards.

Diseño eléctrico de aeronaves

We cover the entire electric aircraft design cycle, from the analysis and functional definition of each element to the complete design of the installation.

Electrical Systems & Installations

  • Electrical design
  • Harness pre-definition, ESI and FTI Design. Installation and manufacturing preparation
  • Electrical Verification & Validation
  • Electrical systems
  • Testing Safety


Simulators & Test Means

  • Test Bench Software development
  • Dynamic simulation of multi domain systems
  • System integration benches
  • Hardware development
  • Flight test support, campaign preparation & Follow-up

Plattform Systems Engineering

  • Plattform Systems Specification Support:
    • Flight Control Systems
    • Electronic Systems
    • Actuation Control Systems
    • Mission Systems
    • PwP Control Systems
  • Test systems Support
  • Systems Development Verification &  Validation


Aeronautical Software

  • SW Design / Architecture
  • SW Integration & Testing

Since 2004, AERTEC has been providing manufacturing engineering services to various aeronautical programmes, such as: A400M, A320, A330, A350XWB and Airbus Light & Medium, as a Tier 1 supplier to Airbus.

Tier One

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Ángel Lucena

Ángel Lucena

Industrial Engineering Director
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Jorge Moñino

Manufacturing Engineering Director