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AERTEC Knowledge based technology & engineering
AERTEC Aerospace
Aerospace Industry
Industrialization adapted from conceptual design to operations through Lean Manufacturing.
AERTEC Digitalización industrial
Industrial Digitalisation
We promote digitalisation of the aeronautical industry by developing and integrating automation, software and cutting-edge technologies.
Aerospace & Defence Systems
Development of our own capabilities and products, with advanced specialisation in aeronautical technologies for both civil and defence projects.
Versatile fixed-wing solutions capable of executing different missions with different configurations, designed mainly for observation and surveillance.
AERTEC Aviation
We understand an airport as a space for people. A place that should not only inspire confidence and comfort in travellers, but should also guarantee safe and fast operations.

Business lines

A complete overview of the sector, ranging from the aircraft industrial cycle; design and production of aerospace and defence systems; development and operation of remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS), as well as the airport life cycle.

Industrialization adapted from conceptual design to operations through Lean Manufacturing.

Development and integration of automation, software and cutting-edge technologies.

Advanced specialization in aerospace systems technologies for both civil and defence projects.

Unmanned aerial platforms and high-dynamic vehicles for both the civil and military spheres.

Extensive experience with international airports and deep technical knowledge to take on bigger and more complex challenges.

Featured content

In this infographic, we explain the keys to how RPAS intervene in each facet of forest fires, while providing some details…

A drone/RPAS connected to 5G allows Spain’s Civil Guard to improve surveillance in rural areas.

The Dongle AIM is a portable, wireless device that provides a much more cost-effective solution for aeronautical manufacturing as well as MRO.

Participation of AERTEC professionals in various events, in keeping with our commitment to spread knowledge of aeronautics and participate in the development of the aerospace sector.


The current air taxi market
Sustainability in airport projects
Tethered drones
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Spanish Aeronautical Society


CEUS, strategic enclave for developing UAS solutions
Interview with Pascale Ehrenfreund, IAF
AERTEC presents its UAS solutions in Abu Dhabi
Surveillance of rural areas with 5G and TARSIS

Who are we?

We are an international engineering and consultancy firm specialised in aeronautics.

Specialised team

Specialists in airports and the space and defence industry, with a complete overview covering everything from operations to integration.

International focus

Our global vision allows us to be innovative and carefully monitor the industry and its evolution.

At the cutting edge

Our team’s commitment to the objectives of each project places us at the forefront of the sector.


Teamwork, internal processes and management ensure profitability and knowledge transfer.



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Aeronautical professionals


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