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AERTEC Solutions develops a portable device that will revolutionise aircraft ground testing systems

The Dongle AIM is a portable, wireless device that makes it possible to perform aircraft ground testing remotely – without moving aircraft to a testing station.  It offers a much more cost-effective solution by optimizing tasks related to aeronautical manufacturing and also aircraft maintenance (MRO), providing engineers with a more agile way to perform preliminary diagnostic testing.

The Dongle AIM is a portable, wireless device that provides a much more cost-effective solution for aeronautical manufacturing as well as MRO.

In the aircraft industrial process, ground tests are essential for verifying that all systems (fuel, hydraulics, pneumatics, oxygen, fire extinction, flight and mission control, etc.) function correctly:

  • One component of ground testing systems is the Aircraft Interface Device (AID); this equipment stimulates aircraft systems and captures their response to process it in a computer-assisted test system.
  • Current interface devices are made of multiple electronic cards integrated in a rack (a small cupboard that contains an array of computer, electronic or communication devices) that manages the exchange of signals between the ground testing system and the aircraft.
  • This is an expensive, complex procedure requiring massive wiring to perform the tests. It also requires the physical presence of the aircraft at the testing station.

The Dongle AIM simplifies this procedure by offering the option to make a wireless connection between the testing system (AID) and the aircraft. This makes it possible to conduct aircraft ground testing remotely, thus eliminating the expense of transporting an aircraft to a stationary testing station.

Versatility is also another key feature of this device. Engineers can configure it to send and receive a wide variety of signals ranging from digital or analogue, to specific aircraft communication protocols (ARINC-429).

The Dongle AIM prototype has already passed laboratory tests. At the end of this year, it will carry out the first tests on aircraft. From there, this device is on the fast track to revolutionising aircraft ground testing.

Dongle AIM has been developed in within the framework of European Clean Sky 2’s Airframe Integrated Technology Demonstrator (Airframe ITD) programme. AERTEC Solutions is a Core Partner in Airframe ITD and collaborates with Airbus Defence and Space in European Clean Sky 2’s PASSARO project.




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