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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

We believe that the best way to find out more about our company is by listening to our employees.

Currently, AERTEC has a workforce of over 700 professionals. Our professionals work from our offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Colombia, Peru and the United Arab Emirates, as well as from other places around the world, working on the different projects in which the company participates. A huge team of people with an aeronautical vocation and experts in different areas of knowledge. Without a doubt, there is no one better than our professionals to tell you about us, what we do and how we do it.

Below are a few testimonials to help you get to know us better. Do you fancy joining the #AERTECteam?

Inés Guerrero

UAS / Seville

“My colleagues are committed to what they do, they are responsible at work and have the necessary intelligence and inventiveness to solve problems. In addition, they are a charming and warm group of people, who is easy to become acquainted with.”

Joaquín Ponce

UAS / Seville

“The work atmosphere is one in which all team members are willing to help each other, with respect for other colleagues and managers, from the team leaders to the company’s owners.”

Antonio Alfaro

IT / Málaga

“My goal is to continue growing as a professional at AERTEC, at the same pace, while making sure that professionals like me can improve and upgrade our services. This is what I am most happy with.”

Fabian Mahler

Systems / Hamburg

“[AERTEC] is the result of combining interesting projects, a positive work atmosphere, a culture of collaboration and a focus on innovation and quality.”

Marta Sánchez

Systems / Sevilla

“The work conditions are great (flexibility, working from home, recognition, etc.) and the projects in which we participate are very important. I really enjoy the work atmosphere.”

Carlos Gallego

Aviation / Madrid

“This is a great place to work because the company is all about aeronautics, with a nice work atmosphere, where workers are looked after and one in which you can grow professionally.”

“I love challenges. Challenges are what drive me in my day-to-day work on a personal and professional level.”

Pedro Cantarero

Aviation / Málaga

Gemma Da Fonseca

Human Resources / Málaga

“AERTEC’s team is its main differentiating value. Not only for their knowledge, expertise and professionalism, but because of their commitment and team spirit.”

Sergio Vigorra

UAS / Seville

“In addition to the great atmosphere and the possibility to achieve a great work-life balance, I consider that the Systems area’s technical tasks allow me to work on cutting-edge projects, many of which are pioneering projects in Europe.”

Víctor Lara

Systems / Seville

“Knowing that you are working on things that no one has ever achieved before or that could help guarantee the safety and happiness of those around you makes for quite a thrilling ride.”

José A. Fernández

Aviation / Palma de Mallorca

“If you are an active and motivated person, AERTEC will give you what you need to stay motivated. Moreover, colleagues are nice and warm, and help me when I need it.”

“We work on very attractive projects in which there is always something new to learn. In addition, we are constantly developing cutting-edge aviation projects. Could you ask for more?”

Antonio Rodríguez

Marketing / Málaga

Jorge Cordero

Systems / Seville

“One of the things I like most is the freedom to work on my own and that I feel like managers trust me.”

José Luis Periáñez

Aerospace Industry / Seville

“I have a great relationship with my colleagues and everyone is proactive about helping each other.”

Pablo Moreno

Aviation / Madrid

“Without a doubt, what I like most is the work atmosphere, how flexible the company is and that I feel part of the AERTEC family.”

“Where else would you find such innovative and disruptive projects in which your opinion counts from day one? I love it.”

María López

Ind. Aeronáutica / Seville

Luis Pérez

IT / Málaga

“I am fortunate to work with colleagues with much expertise who have helped improve my technical skills. From a personal point of view, I have learnt how to manage my emotions, have empathy and streamline efforts.”

Roger Ferrer

Aviation / Barcelona

«What I probably like the most is the constant changes at work, combined with working from home, working on-site and office work. I feel like time goes by very quickly, while I feel I am being efficient at work.»