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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

Talento AERTEC -  José Luis Periáñez

José Luis Periáñez

Aerospace Industry

#AERTECteam / Since 2019

Seville (Spain)

“I have a great relationship with my colleagues and everyone is proactive about helping each other.”

My first few days at AERTEC

I started working for AERTEC after completing my internship at Airbus, where I learnt a lot about the world of aeronautics. My experience was focused on the activities of the multi-disciplinary quality department. My main duties include controlling and monitoring expenses, with the entire process that comes from working with this information.



My career at AERTEC

As a person with an inquisitive mind, my career in the company has been one of many changes. I have worked for different departments over the past five years. These positions required handling different tasks, such as planning, production control, production support and planning. In my penultimate position, I was the focal point for all translations of the project in India. I am currently working as an Engineer for 235 & 295.


What I like most about my job

I would say learning so much during my time here. I have managed to learn new skills or improve current skills in each position.

I start work very early, at 5:40. I prepare my breakfast and have a cup of tea before I head off for work. I’m usually the first one at the office and I resume the work of the day before. Unlike other positions, I currently work on my own and only participate in group work if I need to resolve technical issues.

I am always early for work so I try to leave the office a little early to avoid the huge traffic jams. So I would say flexibility is one of the things I like the most about my job.


My colleagues

I have a great relationship with my colleagues and everyone is proactive about helping each other.


Working in AERTEC

AERTEC is a company that offers a stability that other companies do not offer.


Life beyond the office: my hobbies

I have practised sports for years, although I currently don’t have as much time as I would like to so I only swim, which is great for my back and a full-body workout. During the pandemic, I started writing a blog about sports that also made me learn about web positioning.

However, what I have enjoyed the most over the past few years is dancing. Instead of fulfilling my dream of working for NASA I travelled around the world dancing. I managed to combine my three passions: dancing, travelling and discovering the culture of each country through its food.