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Digital Factory

We promote digitalisation of the aeronautical industry by developing and integrating automation, software and cutting-edge technologies.

The digital factory is a cross-cutting field of knowledge in AERTEC and a strategy that reflects our belief that digitalisation must be applied not only to our working methods, but also to our products. Digitalisation is a key element of development in all areas of the company. 

For over 10 years, this transformation of the production model has enabled us to create solutions and products with greater added value, to achieve more efficient production processes and to significantly improve both our and our clients’ competitiveness.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of aerospace manufacturing activities, we can improve the application of technological developments in industrial environments.

Designing and developing tools that are compatible with the factory 4.0 concept to customise and optimise workstations in the aerospace industry.

A flexible concept of smart production needs portable, versatile, autonomous and wireless devices that makes it possible to perform testing without moving elements among different stations.

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Rafael Márquez

Rafael Márquez

Aerospace & Defence Systems Director
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Fran Carmona

Aerospace & Defence Systems Development
Jaime Saenz

Jaime Saenz

Aerospace & Defence Systems Business Development