i-workbench puesto de trabajo digitalizado para los operarios de la industria aeronáutica

i-Workbench / Industrial digitalisation

Industrial digitalisation / Factory 4.0
Technological developments for production

Date: 2017 – today

Fully deployed and operative Industrial Production System


i-Workbench is an industrial production system that is already operational and implemented for the manufacture of aviation cable harnesses.

i-Workbench simplifies, enhances and speeds up cable manufacture providing direct access to the workstation’s information system through digital interactive production orders.

Fully digitalised process and 100% industry 4.0 compliant.


Interactive equipment

  • Overhead optical projectors
  • Operator tablets
  • Barcode reader and Bidi

Smart interactive software for full deployment in the manufacturing process:

  • Dynamic illumination
  • Projection of supporting data: standards, models, database info and diagrams/drawings
  • Quality record storage and analysis
  • Production control activity in real time
  • Dynamic software with incident display system


  • i-Workbench is a smart factory industrial mean
  • Extraordinary cost savings: reduced preparation and touch times; fully synchronised data set; right-first-time
  • Time saving during development: easy incorporation of changes
  • Robust hardware

An optimum solution for efficient cable manufacturing improving cost, quality and speed.

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