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Model-Based Systems Engineering

AERTEC has deep knowledge and extensive experience in design engineering processes and in the SW development for the aerospace industry.

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Design engineering processes

AERTEC uses a model-based design methodology to develop and validate systems and verify that they meet the functional requirements of the system and/or project from the start.

AERTEC’s models in Matlab & Simulink describe the functionality, specifications and partition of a component or a set of components that make up a system.

AERTEC can then energise the model or test it, meaning that in each design iteration AERTEC is able to verify that the system is behaving correctly and responding to the different scenarios by using MBSE tools.

AERTEC will apply the model-based testing (MBT) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) methodologies for the entire system, thus saving money and time, mainly due to the early detection of design errors.

  • behavioural logic models and electrical combination simulations (up to 100% coverage).
  • development of advanced power distribution control strategies. Mathematical models.
  • aircraft computer development based on aircraft bus management and IMA (Integrated Modular Architecture) based on ARINC 653, compatible with software that is certifiable according to RTCA DO-178C.
  • system behaviour simulation. Virtual representation of a real system, enabling the simulation of complex systems and allowing them to be verified in conditions that are difficult to reproduce with prototypes. Iterative and safe verification which enables simpler and risk-free HIL testing in the design phase. Simulation makes it possible to test for any faults in the design without this problem.
AERTEC Desarrollos
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SW development

AERTEC’s engineers specialise in developing complex systems for a variety of mission systems.


AERTEC uses an agile, iterative process to improve HW / SW solution models based on:

  • the use of modelling tools (MATLAB and SIMULINK).
  • the real-time use of ARM microcontrollers and expert FPGA programming.
  • the use of more flexible, alternative materials that enable lower weight and better performance. In accordance with the DO-160 and DO-254 aviation standards.
  • integration of communications in HW / SW developments: Ethernet, ARINC, AFDX, CAN, RS232, etc.
  • rapid creation of HW / SW system prototypes. Development for complex and critical systems.
  • virtual representation of the real system developed to enable iterative and safe verification and validation processes during the design and prototyping phases. Certification process.

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