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Projects across the world

AERTEC’s professionals have the opportunity of working across the world.

AERTEC is committed to the development of public and private sector companies across the world. We have already executed projects in over 40 countries in the five continents.  We currently have offices in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Colombia, Peru and the United Arab Emirates.

Our international projects cover all of AERTEC’s lines of business: aeronautical industry, systems and airports, although this last field is the one in which we have most of our projects around the world, with more than 200 airports in which we have rolled out our projects.

AERTEC projects worldmap

Master Plan for Matecaña Airport (PEI)

Pereira (Colombia)

Aeropuerto Matecaña, Colombia

The project focused on updating the traffic forecasts and needs, taking into account the rapid and powerful recovery of the aeronautical market in Colombia. Our colleagues from the Airport Infrastructures area, Dion, José Carlos and Alejandro, worked on this project on-site.

Sofia International Airport (SOF)

Sofia (Bulgaria)

Sofia International Airport SOF

A team of professionals from AERTEC, which included Francesc and Roger, among others, developed a safety supervision project at Bulgaria’s main airport, conducting the audits of all of its safety filters.

Industry projects for Airbus

Chester (United Kingdom)

Talent / Projects UK

Airbus has several facilities in the Chester area and we carry out many projects for them. We have offices there, with almost twenty professionals, led by Darren, and which focus on projects related to the aeronautical component manufacturing industry.

Projects at Sharjah Airport (SHJ)

Sharjah (Emirates)

Projects at Sharjah

We have several projects in progress, in collaboration with the Sharjah Airport Authority, and continue to expand our relationship with new initiatives. AERTEC works hand-in-hand with its clients as proof of its commitment, guaranteeing top quality results of all activities and an excellent performance, resulting in more and more trust in our team, which includes Víctor, Bareqa and Yousef, among others.

Decommissioning the A400M aircraft

Bremen (Germany)


Once an aircraft reaches the end of its useful life, all equipment is disassembled from the aircraft and inspected, classified and redistributed, so it can be used as spare parts. Sara and Amalia are responsible for these tasks, in collaboration with other teams of the Flight Test Centre, for the A400M in Bremen, a very important task aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the aeronautical industry.

Projects for the aeronautical industry

Toulouse (France)

AERTEC Toulouse office

We have a growing portfolio of aeronautical industry projects in Toulouse, so we coordinate the professionals participating in different projects of several industrial areas and related to different aircraft systems from our offices in Toulouse. Mathis, Mario, Ángel, Gwénaëlle and Diego are some of our employees based in Toulouse.

Expansion project of Jorge Chávez Airport (LIM)

Lima (Peru)

Jorge Chavez airport

Some of AERTEC’s professionals participating in the project for the expansion of Lima airport, Javier, Lionel, Jean Calvin and Julian, standing next to the airport’s new control tower during the opening ceremony of the second runway. This project represents a vital milestone for the future of Peru’s economy and, in particular, with regards to positioning it as the airport hub of Latin America.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)

Charleroi (Belgium)

Proyectos en aeropuerto de Charleroi.

AERTEC has been working for over a decade at this airport. It was responsible for drafting the new Master Plan for a 20-year period, which included the analysis of all infrastructures, short, medium and long-term traffic forecasts, as well as the definition of the different expansion scenarios. A large team of our professionals is responsible for ensuring that this project proceeds with the highest standards of quality possible.

Kuwait International Airport (KWI)


Kuwait airport

AERTEC has worked for many years at Kuwait Airport. Currently, it is working on the Project Management services for the new Terminal 2. It is worth mentioning the hard work of our colleagues Ana, Yousef, José Javier and Alejandro, who attend the regular meetings held with the airport authorities and with representatives of different ministries during the projects.

Engineering support services for Airbus

Buxtehude (Germany)

AERTEC offices

AERTEC Germany is currently working on a large-scale engineering support services project for Airbus, with over twenty work packages that deal with the review of electronic and mechanical device manufacturing documents, checking client support documents, the administration of the layouts and electrical design library and the execution of verification tests.

Rebuilding of Caribbean airport

Providencia Island

AERTEC en la Isla Providencia

In 2021, hurricane Iota devastated this Caribbean island. A few months later, AERTEC and a local construction company were responsible for the design and rebuilding of the airfield with a large team, which included our colleague Alejandro. One of the complex issues regarding the project involved the need to prevent future similar emergencies at a place that is hard to reach and which cannot easily receive aid and resources due to the characteristics of the terrain.

MRO MRTT for the Royal Air Force

Airforce Base (Saudi Arabia)

AERTEC in Saudi Arabia

Our Production Control team of the Getafe MRO MTT completed the 6Y maintenance cycle of the Royal Saudi Air Force’s MRTT fleet successfully. During the project, some of our employees spent two-month periods at a military base. Our colleagues Francisco Javier and Gonzalo appear in the photograph, taken at the time one of the aircraft was being delivered.

Tooling support services for C295

Warsaw (Poland)

Projects in Poland

Members of our Tooling team of the Aerospace Industry Division, including Javier and Alberto, travelled to Airbus’s facilities in Warsaw and spent a few months there to compare the condition of the tools installed on aircraft C-295 with the specifications contained in the documents. The aim was to compare and clarify the situation and the procedures, including some upgrades to the new documents drafted.

Development work at Los Cabos Airport (SJD)

S. José del Cabo (México)

AERTEC in Los Cabos airport

Ana, Alejandro and Pedro led a multidisciplinary team of AERTEC’s airport infrastructures, visiting “Los Cabos” International Airport a few times to analyse the alternatives for the long-term development of the airport with solid short, medium and long-term growth forecasts.

Airport Information System (AIS) 

Lima (Peru)

AERTEC Talento / Proyecto AIS en Lima

Lima Airport commissioned AERTEC to provide consulting services for the development of its Airport Information System (AIS). Jesús, Manuel and Ricardo were in charge of developing the installation and integration of the systems. It included Airport Operational Database (AOBD), Flight Management System (FMS), Resource Management System (RMS) and Enterprise Service Bus/Middleware (ESM/MW).

New Aerocafé Airport

Palestina (Colombia)

Aerocafé Colombia

The new Coffee Airport is a very important airport infrastructure project currently being rolled out in Palestina (Colombia) to replace the current airport of La Nubia in Manizales, which remains closed most of the year due to weather problems. Some of our professionals, like José Luis, Alejandro or José Carlos, travel there on a regular basis to monitor the works.

Support for UAS programmes in Colombia

Airforce bases (Colombia)

Soporte UAS

Our colleagues from the UAS area, José María and Sergio, spent 3 weeks in Colombia to provide support to the National Ministry of Defence during the in-flight testing campaign of the ART QUIMBAYA, the first remotely piloted aircraft system. The campaign was quite a success. AERTEC has provided advice and support to Colombia’s Ministry of Defence during the design, development, manufacturing and testing process.

iTabla and industrial digitalisation processes

Warsaw (Poland)

iTabla at Varsovia

One of the first places in which iTabla was commissioned was at the Airbus Warsaw factory. Some of our colleagues from the Industrial Digitalisation area travelled to the factory to commission and fine tune the system and train new operators. Our colleagues from the Aerospace Industry area,RafaelFranIgnacio and Enrique, provided support during the Production Planning and Control stages.

Luminous beacon audit at airports (DIA)

Doha (Qatar)

Auditorías en Doha

Conducting luminous beacon audits at Doha airport, focusing on the visual aid maintenance equipment of Hamad International Airport, the main airport of the capital of Qatar. JordiSelene and Alberto travelled to Doha to conduct the audit of the visual aids system, audit of the maintenance equipment and a study of improvements and trends.

Expansion of the loading apron of El Dorado (BOG)

Bogotá (Colombia)

Ampliación plataforma aeropuerto

Our company became the successful bidder of the project to extend the loading apron at the El Dorado Airport in the Colombian capital. The project involved creating three more parking spaces. Our colleague Rafael was the Project Manager and some of our professionals also travelled there.

New control equipment for the A350

Hamburg (Germany)

Equipos de control

UlfMaríaJesús and Rafael, our colleagues from the Seville and Hamburg offices, worked together with a new team on the project for the passenger cabin of the A350, performing the necessary integration tests at Airbus’s facilities in Buxtehude and Hamburg. All tests were conducted successfully.

Air cargo consultancy services at Queen Alia Airport (AMM)

Amman (Jordan)

Air Cargo consulting

JuanYousef, and other colleagues from the Airports area participated in the Air cargo consultancy project for the International Queen Alia Airport. This project was led by AERTEC in a joint venture with local company Dar Al Omran, which was part of a European initiative to fund international development projects, and which was led by the Ministry of Transport of Jordan.

Projects at Fujairah Airport (FJR)

Fujairah (Emirates)

Fujairah airport

A large team of AERTEC’s professionals have worked in different projects at Fujairah Airport, including technical audits of the airfield and the operational integration tests for the expansion of Fujairah International Airport. AERTEC also led the ORAT tests with the Civil Authorities of the United Arab Emirates. Luis, Alberto, Yousef, Ana and Juan were some of our colleagues who participated in these projects.

Maintenance services for the A400M

Brussels (Belgium)

A400M en Bruselas

Andrés and Iván, two professionals from our Industrial Means teams, travelled to Melsbroek base in Brussels to provide maintenance services for the A400M via our partner Aerotech Pro, in collaboration with the Airbus and Sabena teams working on the “15 wing”. Currently, several maintenance tasks are being carried out on three A400Ms, two for the Belgian Armed Forces and another one for the Luxembourg Armed Forces.

You can access our database of references and learn about many other projects currently being carried out by AERTEC across the world in its different business lines: aeronautical industry, industrial digitalisation, aerospace systems, defence, UAS and airport systems. To find out more, click here