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About us

Consultants and engineers specialised in the aerospace and defence industries and airports.

AERTEC is an international company specialising in aerospace technology. It is active in the aerospace industry, defence and airports.

We have carried out projects and studies in 40 countries, we participate in the world’s largest aerospace programmes and we have reference projects at 160 international airports. Our value proposition is based on our in-depth knowledge of the aerospace and defence industries and airports. This specialisation allows us to understand each sector with a complete vision, covering everything from operational processes and infrastructure design to systems development and integration.

This has allowed us to develop an international focus in all of our activities, to become innovative and to become a reference point. We set the trends in engineering solutions.

Our people are the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients, the bond between them and our firm. As professionals we pride ourselves in transferring the specific knowledge required to guarantee the quality of the services we provide. Our enthusiasm for our work is conveyed to our clients and we are in tune with each and every objective.

Organisation is a fundamental part of the management of multidiscipline projects. Teamwork, our internal processes and management of information are critical when it comes to guaranteeing the success of a project and the correct transfer of knowledge.

We have offices in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Colombia and Abu Dhabi, with a workforce of over 600 professional aeronautics experts.


In a market characterised by general engineering firms, AERTEC Solutions has created its own niche, basing itself on specialisation and expert knowledge. This has allowed us to develop best practices, which we apply to each and every new challenge.

A firm could be described as large once it becomes capable of influencing the world in which it operates. In order to give something back first you must reflect with society, and that is how we aim to reach our final objective:

Become an internationally recognised brand, capable of influencing the development of the global aerospace sector.


The activities that we carry out at AERTEC Solutions include the design and development of systems, operations and infrastructures required for the correct function of all types of aeronautical and airport facilities. It also includes another element that we must never lose sight of, the business processes of our clients. This consultant vision helps us take on board the final project objectives and solve them by working alongside the client.

This, in fact, forms a fundamental part of our mission:

Build long term relationships, providing specialist engineering and expert consultancy solutions to all the key players in the aerospace industry, defence, air transport and airport management.


Businesses that aim to be leaders in their field must be based on solid and well-defined values. Therefore, at AERTEC Solutions, our corporate culture is extremely clear. Anyone that works with us, be it clients or personnel, know exactly what to expect from our company.

Values that simply appear on a document outlining the company philosophy serve absolutely no purpose. They must be applied to specific initiatives to which the company must be committed. Including: sustainable development, equal opportunities for men & women; talent development, cooperation with universities, encouragement of communication amongst employees, clients and all the other key players in the field.

AERTEC takes pride in such initiatives, making sure that our values really are present in the day to day activities of all our personnel:

  • Always act with honesty
  • Treat people with respect
  • Be in touch with the client and their needs
  • Add value through highly organised work
  • Put enthusiasm into each and every project
  • Work with an international vocation
  • Always take into account social and environmental responsibilities