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Aerospace & defence systems

Development of our own capabilities and products, with advanced specialisation in aeronautical technologies for both civil and defence projects.

Technologies and products for Aerospace & Defence

In-house development of own products with advanced specialization in aeronautical technologies for both civil and defence projects. 

We have a well-established technology base, and have implemented design and development programs that enable us to perform end to end certification-related projects.

Aerospace & Defence Systems cycle

Design and development of our own products to complete the entire life cycle of certifiable equipment

  • Design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design and development of complex electronic HW
  • Development of embedded SW for critical safety systems
  • Industrialisation of short runs of equipment and systems
  • Support

Our capabilities are as follows:

  • A/C Electrification
  • Power Distribution Management
  • High Voltage DC: Power Management
  • Electrical Health Monitoring
  • Electronic OnBoard Systems. Control Computers for Avionics
  • Flight Control Systems (FM, GNC, etc)
  • Cabin & Cargo Systems
  • Armament Integration
  • Mission System
  • Distributed Systems
  • Engine Electrical Management
Aerospace & Defence Systems

Design and development of embedded systems for aircraft cockpit, cabin and cargo areas:

¬ A/C connectivity

¬ Distributed systems

¬ Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)

Facing the challenges of electrification for zero emissions by 2050:

¬ Efficient, intelligent, dynamic and reconfigurable power distribution

¬ HVDC power management and distribution

¬ Monitoring of the electrical system

Embedded SW

Airbone certifiable software

Developments based on VxWorks 653 / PikeOS real-time operating systems and adapt them for DO-178C certification to ensure that they are robust and reliable.

Development of complex systems employing MBSE methodology, digital twins and modelization tools:

¬ Digitalization and automation

¬ Traceablity of processes, data and information

¬ System verification and validation

Design, development and implementation of Guidance, Navegation and Control:

¬ Flight Control Computers

¬ Autopilot

¬ Defence solutions with/in UAS (rockets, missiles, bomblets…)

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Pedro Becerra

Pedro Becerra

Aerospace & Defence Division Director
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Rafael Márquez

A&D Systems Director
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Sara Bellido

A&D Systems Business Development