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Aerospace & defence systems

Development of our own capabilities and products, with advanced specialisation in aeronautical technologies for both civil and defence projects.

AERTEC’s Aerospace and Defence Systems department develops proprietary capabilities and products. We are highly specialised in aeronautical technologies for civil and defence applications.

We have a well-established technology base and have implemented design and development technologies that enable us to complete all certification-related projects from start to finish.

AERTEC completes the whole life cycle of its proprietary products:

  • design
  • rapid prototyping
  • development and production
  • industrialisation of short runs of equipment and systems
  • support for our products

AERTEC’s capabilities in this field are as follows:

  • A/C Electrification
  • Power Distribution Management
  • High Voltage DC: Power Management
  • Electrical Health Monitoring
  • Electronic OnBoard SYSTEMS. Control Computers for Avionics
  • Flight Control Systems ( FM, GNC, etc)
  • Cabin&Cargo Systems
  • Armament Integration
  • Mission System&Payloads Management
  • Ground Control Station & Mission planner
  • Distributed Systems
  • Engine Electrical Management

AERTEC designs, develops and implements new technological capabilities in the field of defence systems.

Expertise and extensive experience in the avionics sector and in the design and manufacture of critical airborne systems for the aerospace industry.

AERTEC is committed to the decarbonisation of aviation and aircraft electrification.

Ground tests are an important aspect of the aerospace industry, allowing systematic and traceable verification of all functional requirements.

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Pedro Becerra

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Rafael Márquez

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Sara Bellido

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