Electric Power Management System (SGPE)

UAS TARSIS Family / Smart and dynamic Power Distribution System (2019)

AERTEC undertake the challenge of designing and manufacturing this product, a battery management control and intelligent load balancing system.

The Electric Power Management System (SGPE) provides the UAS with power in different voltage levels (28V, 12V and 5V). Thanks to its modular design, different voltages and power ranges are available in order to adapt the power distribution to the different loads demands.

SGPE has embedded a strong monitoring system that reports the system status continuously through a Low-Power Microcontroller. Additionally, in order to increase reliability, the system has different protections in case the voltage or temperature are out of the operational range.

Key features
¬ Low-Power Microcontroller
¬ Hardy solid package
¬ System designed with Altium Designer
¬ Small-PCB format
¬ Modular design
¬ Different voltage and power ranges
¬ e-Fused loads
¬ Generator Management Sensing stage and protections
¬ Voltage input/output
¬ Current input/output
¬ Temperature
¬ DC-DC Converters Load
¬ Battery

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