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Versatile fixed-wing unmanned aerial systems capable of executing a wide range of missions with different configurations, designed mainly for observation and surveillance.

AERTEC designs unmanned aerial platforms and high-dynamic vehicles for both the civil and military spheres. AERTEC has built light tactical UAS / RPAS (like the TARSIS 75 and TARSIS 25) for observation and surveillance applications, using its own in-house design and technology.

Highly versatile fixed-wing aerial solutions configured to meet the user’s operational needs in observation, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

It is compatible with any other type of unmanned aerial platform and can be configured to meet the user’s operational and control needs.

TARSIS systems integrate different sensor options depending on the needs of the mission being carried out.

Totally adaptable to the user’s needs (performance, number of workstations, type of installation, functions and many other variables defined by the end user).


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Pedro Becerra

Pedro Becerra

Aerospace & Defence Division Director