AERTEC GCS Ground Control System

Ground control system / GCS

RPAS > Mission planning and control

Date: 2019

The functions of the ground control station include mission planning, communication with the platform and control of the payload or effective load, using communication systems and datalinks to access the platform and the embedded systems. The station features all the required systems for planning and supervision of missions, along with suitable hardware (case and accessories).



  • Industrial PC
  • Two panoramic screens: one for the mission and one for the payload (high brightness environments)
  • Connections: 220 Vav – 115 Vac power supply, 12 VDC entry terminals, VGA output, 7 USBs, 2 ethernet and 4 communications (with different polarization)
  • Built-in keyboard and touchpad
  • Keyboard and mouse (external)
  • Storage case for external elements

The case is connected via mobile electric harnesses with the primary datalink, embedded in a protective case and installed in a 3 m mast with a 25 kb base weight. The ground station has two possible power supply modes: 115 Vac – 50Hz, and 220 Vac – 60Hz or 12 VDC. The mission is executed by the autonomous flight mode control system, and can be optimised by taking control from the ground station.


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