Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

RPAS subsystems

Date: 2019

Dedicated hardware for air data recording, directly connected to the autopilot for data reception and to the exterior through a dedicated register in order to access the recorded logs.


Data storage:

  • Flight data: hour, minute, sec, navigation data (positions, GPS status, speeds, accelerations, turn rates, angular positions and uncertainties), DGPS data (pos, speed, precision, satellites), flight data ADS (pressures, TAS, CAS, temperature), engine parameters (model modifications: rpm, EGT, CHT…), AAP mode / status / substate, Fuel, lateral and vertical errors in takeoff and landing maneuvers, AAP temperature, PWMs, instantaneous weight…
  • Electrical power management system data (V, I, T of the different lines).
  • FCS inputs and outputs.


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