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Technological developments for production

Designing and developing tools that are compatible with the factory 4.0 concept to customise and optimise workstations in the aerospace industry.

The concept of industry 4.0 is now at the forefront of the advancement and development of the aeronautical industry. And this will continue in the coming years. In a sector such as this with a very low production rate, we use the available digitisation technologies to develop more accurate and efficient processes.

Against the backdrop of this digital transformation, flexibility is a vital element in the industry, serving as a key driver of the change. It is essential to ensure that information can be accessed anywhere and at any time and to increase the efficiency of internal processes, resulting in higher productivity and lower operating costs.

iWorkbench iTabla

The digitalisation of the repetitive and least valuable parts of production processes allows companies to redeploy their workers to more important tasks with greater added value. Meanwhile, technological developments aimed at making workers’ jobs easier are focused on improving working conditions, increasing accuracy and, consequently, increasing productivity.

In AERTEC Solutions we develop hardware and software designed to automate and optimise processes. The main goals are to save time, reduce errors linked to the human factor, improve the quality of the end product, efficiently monitor the whole process and reduce costs.


A defined workspace where, in addition to their resources and tools, the worker has a digital aid that can be adapted to each task, with the added benefit of being able to display additional information in the same environment. It includes optional add-ons to process graphic diagrams in different formats.

Digital kitting system

This system helps to optimise template cutting to reduce consumption when using composite materials and it enables the orderly placement of parts by providing operators with a digital record of the position of each part associated with their production order. These leads to material cost savings and shorter processing times.

iTabla iWorkbench
DMT System

IoT-BC (Blue Collars)

Portable system for monitoring the environmental and ergonomic conditions of workers to record context values in production orders, thus enabling full traceability of the process. This tool is not used to monitor ergonomics to a great extent, it monitors tiredness, stress and other types of health sensors.

DMT, Digitization Management Tool

Web application for tablets/mobiles, focused on visual inspections of final products or work areas (5S). It enables the standardisation of automated information collection with the option to add images and record voice notes, for subsequent offline processing and analysis. This information can then be used to create dashboards to enable agile decision-making.

Asset tracking systems

A solution that allows the client to locate and track the assets they wish in real time in a production environment. The system will incorporate different technologies, depending on the characteristics of the environment and the precision required for tracking: QR, RFID, BluetoothLE, beacons, etc.

The collected information is exported and can be integrated with the client’s systems to generate KPIs that enable better knowledge of the manufacturing processes.

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