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Design of facilities and processes

Industrialisation planning adapted to each client’s specific requirements.

From the conceptual design of infrastructures to industrial processes.

Expert consultants with thorough knowledge about the capabilities covering the industrial life cycle of aeronautical facilities. A global vision, from conceptual design to operations, the use of lean manufacturing methodology, and the management of all aspects of the infrastructure’s layout and industrialisation, tailored specifically for each client.

Industrial facilities design

Facilities design

In order to develop an industrial process, the environment it is to be carried out in must be precisely dimensioned and designed. AERTEC has extensive experience in the conceptualisation, design and planning of facilities for carrying out aeronautical activities.

This work includes:

Industrial process design

AERTEC addresses everything from conceptual design to operations, using lean manufacturing methodology and customised management for each client, for all aspects of infrastructure configuration and the industrialisation process.

Industry processes design
Conceptual design
  • Initial sizing
  • Workstations arrangement
  • Preliminary processes definition
Infrastructure design
  • Detailed project design
  • Project management and works supervision
Industrial organization
  • Detailed layout
  • Internal logistics
  • Tools definition
Logistics and supply chain
  • Plant logistics processes (internal and external)
  • Warehouse conceptual design
  • Management, operation and control processes definition
  • Optimisation of resources and production processes
  • Ergonomics human workplace simulation and validation
  • Validating assembly processes
  • Lean Manufacturing

Analytical simulation

Delmia quest

Physical simulation

Delmia V5 DPM

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