Consultoría para preparación de propuesta para futuro modelo logístico de EADS-CASA MTAD

Industrial engineering
Date: 2008
Client: Airbus D&S

Advisory services during preparation of proposal for future logistics model of EADS-CASA MTAD.

¬ Development of technical and commercial proposal for the new future logistics model to be implemented in all of EADS CASA MTAD logistics operations. This project included the analysis of the current model, proposal and evaluation of different alternatives, followed by their subsequent implementation.

¬ AERTEC Solutions was responsible for the technical contents implementing the Lean Manufacturing approach of throughout the process.

¬ The technical proposal included a scope of works to be undertaken in phase II, in which AERTEC Solutions and LTK will cooperate, each firm providing different expertise. In particular, AERTEC Solutions provided knowledge at logistics consultancy while LTK offered its background as key operator for EADS-CASA and other aircraft manufacturers.

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