UAV functional testing Atlante programme

CASSIDIAN / Embedded system testing: Bespoke test systems (2013)

AERTEC is participating in a highly relevant Spanish project within Cassidian Spain.

It integrates systems in the Overall System Integration Rig (OSIR), the step prior to flight testing on the aircraft.

¬ Definition of test bench functionalities and capabilities for their subsequent electrical and mechanical design. The interfaces required with the systems to be integrated and how their communications are to be spied on, opening communication loops to simulate equipment as well as inputs and outputs, are defined. All of the above is done at the level of both HW and SW.
¬ Conducting ATPs (Acceptance Test Procedures) and drafting ATRs (Acceptance Test Reports) after the test bench and various pieces of equipment have been manufactured and installed.

¬ On the basis of system requirements Request For Testing (RFTs), drawing up Test Procedures (TPs) that would allow the proper functioning of systems to be validated in both stand-alone mode and when they are integrated with the rest of the systems.
¬ Conducting TPs.
¬ Drawing up TRs (Test Reports) based on the tests, analysing the recordings made during the TPs.
¬ Investigating any possible equipment errors, making correlations with requirements and providing support to each system’s department when troubleshooting the origin of an error. Regarding this process, AERTEC is in charge of the documentation associated to the flow of these PRs (Problem Reports) and for closing the problem (after conducting tests on the test bench) once it has been resolved by Systems.
¬ Development of SW tools to conduct tests, including: small scripts, complete applications, Excel macros and others.

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