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At AERTEC Solutions we believe that innovation is a fundamental resource for growing and improving every day.

In each area of our company, we abide by the following principals:

Currently, and as part of our company strategy for the next five years, we have outlined four areas in which to focus our innovative efforts.

We develop projects aimed at the application of smart tools that contribute to greater efficiency in processes.

We develop projects that develop new capabilities and innovation in aeronautics technology, both civil and defence.

We develop new solutions in the field of guidance, communication and architecture of remotely piloted aircraft systems.

We participate in innovation and technological development projects for airport management and improvement of passenger experience.

Continuous innovation

Inside AERTEC we promote initiative and capacity for innovation through an internal Continuous Innovation programme.

This allows us to make permanent improvements in our daily work and the services we offer, adding value to our work, clients and company. This process is implemented both in our offices and in the projects we work on at clients’ facilities.

Innovación continua en AERTEC
AERTEC Challenge

AERTEC Challenge

This is a programme designed to identify and attract the talent of young university students. The formula used is based on proposing and resolving real aeronautical challenges.

The main purpose of the programme is to offer university students the chance to work within the framework of a real technology and business project, working on projects that can be transferred to industry, and not stuck in a laboratory or research centre.

Innovation ecosystem

Innovation at AERTEC is multidimensional. It is in the DNA of our professionals, and it shares, and is nurtured by, the ecosystem of R&D and Innovation in which it operates. This is how we understand Open Innovation, as a relationship based on expertise synergies with other professionals, companies and organisations around us.

Ecosistema de innovación en torno a AERTEC

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