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Embedded systems and equipment

AERTEC designs and develops complex electronic HW and embedded SW for critical embedded systems for a variety of mission systems, in particular cabin and cargo systems


AERTEC uses an iterative process to improve HW / SW solution models for critical aircraft systems.

  • Real-time use of ARM microcontrollers and expert FPGA programming.
  • Integration of communications in HW / SW developments (Ethernet, ARINC, AFDX, CAN, RS232, etc.)
  • Virtual representation of the real system developed to enable iterative and safe verification and validation processes during the design and prototyping phases.
  • Certification process.

AERTEC uses advanced control and connectivity techniques in A/C, focused on:

  • HW virtualisation for distributed systems in the cockpit (VIRTUAL CPM)
  • Publisher Subscriber technology (PUBSUB)
  • microservice and container-based SW architecture (DOCKER)
  • developments that use CI / CD pipelines
  • video streaming web management
  • data compression to optimise bandwidth in the air
  • an integrated system that monitors the status of the aircraft and its systems (IoT)

AERTEC designs and develops systems to manage and distribute all of the data generated by the aircraft’s new IoT modules and by other mobile user devices.

Embedded system

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