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Quality Services

Our quality services help our clients comply with the specifications of their own end client

Continuous improvement

Engineering consultants and quality experts with extensive experience in quality control in the aeronautical field. Our services range from management of final inspections with the client and management, tracking and closure of points to management of the continuous improvement process. Our quality services help our clients comply with the specifications of their own end client. We also help them manage the aircraft delivery process, bringing continuous improvement to the entire process.

AERTEC Solutions uses its own tools to optimise these services, including IT applications and tablet devices during the inspection process.

Servicios de calidad en la industria aeronáutica

Quality services skills

Highly capable workforce of qualified engineers and technicians, specialists in the aeronautical industry and trained in: WorkShare, Root cause analysis, PPS and Quality Expertise.

Expert knowledge of Airbus system tools: QLB, TLB and SAP SP1.

Any specific needs in terms of training of methods and tools could be discussed with the project leader or department head receiving the service.

Quality Services Activities

  • Management of final inspections on the flight line
  • Management of client inspections
  • Registering, management and closure of faults in the client information systems
  • Prioritisation of repeated faults
  • Root cause analysis
  • PPS techniques
  • Initiation of corrective measures
  • CADM (Customer Acceptance Delivery Manager) support
  • Planning
  • KPI reporting
  • Process Standardisation
  • Analysis, generation and update of follow-up reports
  • Production support
  • Industrial meeting management and minutes reports
  • Continuous improvement

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Ángel Lucena

Ángel Lucena

Industrial Engineering Director
Jorge Moñino

Jorge Moñino

Manufacturing Engineering Director


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