Servicio de gestión de la calidad – A400M Delivery Centre

Industrial engineering
Technical consultancy
Date: 2013-2016
Client: Airbus D&S

The aim of the service is to attain the closure of the Quality Log Book and its associated defects during the aircraft delivery process, whilst meeting the foreseen planning time scales. The service has been outsourced. AERTEC Solutions’ engineers are therefore located at the client’s facilities at the San Pablo Sur factory in Seville and integrated into the work teams. This service contemplates three kinds of activities:

¬ Managing the client’s viewing inspections:

  • Gathering all the information on the aircraft’s status before commencing the delivery process (concessions, outstanding work, open NCSs, etc.).
  • Preparing client viewing inspections as set out in the CIG with the information gathered.
  • Preliminary inspection of the aircraft’s paint with the client.
  • Taking part in the welcome meeting, as well as in all other meetings required during the delivery process.
  • Providing the client with support during viewing inspections.

¬ eQLB Management

  • Generating the client’s viewing inspections in the QLB corresponding to each inspection day.
  • Preparing the necessary documentation and materials for inspections with the client.
  • Accompanying the client during inspections and documenting any defects observed (detailed descriptions, photos, location on plane, etc.).
  • Conducting debriefs with the client after inspections to review any defects detected.
  • Creating the debriefs and points in the eQLB corresponding to each inspection day.
  • Uploading points to the internal management tool in order to conduct daily monitoring.
  • Updating the tool with information from the eTLB for the points needing work on the aircraft.
  • Holding meetings with partners to obtain responses for the points thus documented.
  • Taking the necessary steps to ensure each point is properly reworked, documented and answered before the client’s viewing inspection.
  • Accompanying the client during acceptance inspections, updating information on accepted defects and documenting any possible rejections.
  • Synchronising information between the internal management tool and the eQLB.
  • Issuing a daily work in progress report on each aircraft.

¬ Continuous improvement

  • Drawing up reports analysing the QLBs in order to improve the process in subsequent aircraft.
  • Implementing functional improvements in the internal management tool to optimise data processing time scales.
  • Generating monthly monitoring reports on the service through KPIs.

Applications used to perform the activity

¬ eQLB

¬ eTLB




¬ Zone closure

¬ QLB Internal Management Tool

¬ GD


Milestones achieved to date

¬ MSN7 (France), MSN8 (France) and MSN9 (Turkey) aircraft delivered

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