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Aircraft electrification

AERTEC is committed to efforts to decarbonise aviation and electrify aircraft.

AERTEC is aware of the challenges posed by electrical systems and the importance of More Electric Aircraft, so for a number of years we have been working to design and develop intelligent and dynamic power distribution solutions for A/C and RPAS

Aircraft electrification

Our goal is to meet the future power needs of More Electric Aircraft:

  • use of disruptive and innovative technologies
  • developing electrical systems to replace hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • improving monitoring systems
  • achieving better overall aircraft efficiency
  • increasing power density
  • increasing the use of HVDC power
  • efficient management of higher demand for HVDC power
  • meeting the strict protection, insulation and cooling requirements

Power management and distribution systems

AERTEC focuses its efforts on defining and developing innovative architectures and devices for electric power distribution and management. AERTEC uses advanced techniques to control the electrical network in A/C and ensure efficient, intelligent and dynamic power distribution that can be reconfigured according to A/C loads.

AERTEC focuses on:

  • using innovative sensors to monitor the status of the electrical system (MEMS)
  • decentralised and modular power converters
  • a dynamic and intelligent power distribution network
  • using IoT and Big Data techniques
  • using data from the A/C electrical system
  • extending from 270 VDC to 540 VDC or higher
AERTEC Desarrollo

Efficient, intelligent, dynamic and reconfigurable power distribution:

Digital Smart Switch SW programmable: this is an intelligent, dynamic and reconfigurable power distribution system that meets the on-demand power needs of more electric aircraft (MEA). The automatic switch systems and relays can be configured and operated remotely with this device.

HVDC power management and distribution:

TEMGIR Test Bench for HVDC Thermal & Electrical Management: this is an independent test bench that supplies power to the equipment and it includes electrical and thermal emulators that provide a fully integrated replacement for aircraft hardware. The purpose of TEMGIR is to emulate power generators and the electrical/heat loads involved in the aircraft’s Thermal Management System.

Monitoring of the electrical system:

Monitoring of A/C power system: SPA (Single Page Application) web application for independent real-time DS3 load monitoring and control: a) Sensor monitoring of all connected loads, b) Sensor data displayed in real time, c) Real-time access to historical data and alerts, d) Possibility to activate the relays in real time.


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