Full In Service Support (FISS) – Operations review

Industrial engineering
Industrial facility design
Date: 2012 – 2013
Client: AgustaWestland

This project consisted in identifying the main processes and areas where efficiency could be improved inside the AgustaWestland facilities located on Air Base 6, Montijo (Portugal). In these facilities, AgustaWestland provides full in service support to the Portuguese Air Force 12 EH101 helicopters.

First, an in-depth ws performed, that aimed to determine the main processes and the use of the different areas inside the facilities was developed. After the completion of this analysis, the most feasible improvement actions regarding the uppermost benefits were proposed to the AgustaWestland team.

As an initial point, a Lean Manufacturing 5 S technique was developed inside the workshop area, which was rearranged according to AERTEC Solutions’ recommendations.

Work phases

¬ Data collection

¬ Analysis of inputs and proposals development

¬ Proposals for improvement actions. Lean Manufacturing 5 S implementation

Scope of work

¬ Analysis of the main processes

¬ Proposal of layout design for the hangar, internal and external warehouses and workshop area

¬ Industrial means analysis

¬ Logistics flows analysis

¬ Lean Manufacturing 5 S

Technical data

¬ One hangar measuring 4700 m2

¬ External and internal warehouse measuring 660 m2

¬ Workshop area measuring 170 m2

¬ 2 bridge cranes of 10 mT

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