Banco de pruebas conversores de potencia

Power Test Bench for Clean Sky power electronic converters

Industrial digitalisation / Factory 4.0
Test benches

Date: 2011-2013

Multi-components test bench dedicated to the future More Electrical Aircraft (MEA) power electronic converters

This bench is dedicated to the improvement of the reliability of the on-board power electronics and allows leading tries of verification and validation, investigation and qualification in a severe environment multi-constrained (electric, thermal, humidity, vibration) according to DO-160E.

In one system, the Power Test Bench (PTB) combines a climatic chamber, a vibration test system and an electrical characterisation bench test. It also includes a Graphical User Interface to simultaneously control, monitor and set several parameters.

This test bench is designed to test as many as 25 electronic components, allong with power converters of a certain dimension, having an available test volume of 850x850x600mm and with a limit mass of 75 kg.

In terms of environmental conditions, PTB can vary the temperature from -65ºC to 180ºC, humidity from to 15 to 95% H.R. and can set vibration up to 107g in vertical movement and 81g in horizontal movement. Regarding electrical characterisation, Power Test Bench is able to supply up to 1200Vdc, 400 Adc, or three-phase 312Vac, and can offer a maximum electrical power of 40KW.

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