MRO Expert remote support system

Expert Remote Support Systems

Digitalization / Factory 4.0

Date: 2019

Technical assistance

In line with the new paradigm of the Factory of the Future (FoF) and the empowered worker, in which collaborative manufacturing and manufacturing focused on the individual are priority, AERTEC has developed a new support system for aircraft maintenance (MRO, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). It can resolve, by remote and in real time, the need for technical support at an aeronautical plant. It is based on augmented reality and can be used from any authorised mobile device.

The solution enables the technician to contact a team of experts from AERTEC by videoconference, using a tablet or a smartphone, without the need for a physical presence.

The system will allow, simultaneously, the setting of parameters and sorting of tasks in an information system that will record them to enable rapid identification in case they are repeated in the future. The recording of these data will allow further analysis with the aim of obtaining information that will help to optimise the time and cost of aeronautical production.

MRO remote support

Of course, this system is fully compatible with the client’s own technology, since it is only necessary to have a mobile device or augmented reality goggles to be able to connect. The technician on the shopfloor of the plant, beside the aircraft, will be empowered, with an increased level of independence, improving the MRO tasks carried out, while an expert supervises in real time the different actions performed by the person requiring support.

This solution is focused on the development of a new MRO management model in which experts can provide support without the need to be physically present where the incident has occurred.


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