Mejora de procesos en todos los programas de AIRBUS D&S en España

Manufacturing engineering
Process engineering
Date: ongoing
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

The contract scope consists on providing an operative activity focused on optimizing the established production processes and reducing or eliminating wastes and activities that consume resources without adding value.

AERTEC applies its wide experience and know-how in design, manufacturing, assembly and testing processes to provide technical advice, monitoring and improve proposals in military aircrafts as A400M, MRTT aircrafts, C295, CN235 and EFA, and also civil aircrafts as A380 and F7X.

Scope of the service

Engineering activities to improve the production work:

¬ Data collection through direct observation of assembly processes (standard work combination sheet data gathering)

¬ Perform reports detailing added value of each operation, non-added value and non-profitable measures

¬ Improvement proposals to eliminate wastes and non-added value activities: Tactical Improvement Plan

¬ Re-engineering of operations, creating visual work orders to improve processes, updating technical publications…

Organizational information

Highly xperienced work team composed by more than twenty dedicated engineers:

¬ On-site work teams collecting direct work information through direct observation in every AIRBUS Defense & Space centre

¬ Advisory council of multi-functional experts working in AERTEC Solutions facilities (off-site mode) processing the on-site information and designing improvement plans

Complete set of applications and connections required for the subcontracted activities:

Lean manufacturing activities were carried out in:

¬ Tablada AIRBUS Defense & Space facilities (Seville): aerostructures, tooling & industrial means department

¬ San Pablo Sur AIRBUS Defense & Space facilities (Seville): production support engineering L&M / A400M dpt.

¬ San Pablo Norte AIRBUS Defense & Space facilities (Seville): electrical manufacturing engineering department

¬ CBC AIRBUS Defense & Space facilities (Cadiz): composites manufacturing engineering department

¬ CAP AIRBUS Defense & Space facilities (Getafe): derivatives manufacturing engineering department

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