GE CT7-9C/9C3 Banco de pruebas de motor

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Fecha: 2010
Socio:  AERYS

GE CT7-9C/9C3 Engine Test Bench

The aim of this project was the design and manufacture of a Tool to test the General Electric light and medium FAL engines.

GE tool consists in a signal generator for testing CT7-9C/9C3 GE motor, which can be run both manually and automatically. The project was developed in consortium with AERYS.

The GE Tool is prepared for functional tests and display notices of the indicators and warning systems of the engine including simulations of all different types of sensors that capture the condition or status of each of the variables of the engine and propeller.

Key stages of the project were:

  • Specification
  • Design
  • Development
  • Validation and verification of the system

The project was developed in consortium with AERYS, AERTEC Solutions´s participation in the project included Engineering design and manufacturing, Computer Aided Test System (CATS) tool integration and Technical support at the Seville Light & Medium FAL.

The tool includes the following elements:

  • Module-display generator
  • Trolley case for generator
  • Connection decks
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