Commercial Process Reengineering Project / AENA Network (Spain)

AENA / Airport Technology Services (2011-2012)

AERTEC carried out consultancy services to generate a map of processes and commercial systems in order to propose improvements and develop a Balanced Scorecard. The project had the following phases:

¬ Phase 1. Development of a map of commercial processes. A number of meetings with key stakeholders took place in order to prepare the ‘As-Is’ Report.
¬ Phase 2. Refinement of the map of commercial processes and preparation of a report to record the communication interfaces for each of the systems.
¬ Phase 3. Optimisation of the existing commercial processes and development of new ones.
¬ Phase 4. Review of the System Map and proposal of improvements and new systems.
¬ Phase 5. Specification of the KPIs extracted from the commercial processes to generate a BI Tool with the objective of developing a Balanced Scorecard.
¬ Phase 6. Definition of the BI Tool and Balanced Scorecard Implementation Plans.

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