Technical assistance for AIS update Jorge Chavez International Airport (Lima, Peru)

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) / IT Solutions (2016)

In 2001, the Jorge Chávez International Airport concession was awarded (until 2004) to Lima Airport Partners (LAP), a consortium made up of Fraport AG, International Finance Corporation and the private fund AC Capitales SAFI. LAP is in the process of expanding the airport. As part of this expansion, LAP entrusted AERTEC with the task of providing technical assistance and consulting for the definition of new operational and airport information systems, namely the AIS system (Airport Information System).

The project took place in different phases:

Phase 1: Advice on airport information systems:
¬ Core ICT systems analysis, identifying key operational and stakeholder requirements to establish the systems strategy both in the current airport and in future airport expansion.

¬ Development of BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) for each of the key functions needed for flight and resource management.
¬ Definition of functional and technical requirements for the architecture of basic ICT systems, including the following systems:
· Airport Operational Data Base (AODB)
· Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
· Data Warehouse (DW)
· Flight Management System (FMS)
· Resource Management System (RMS)
¬ Development of technical and performance specifications for ICT systems and general system implementation specifications.

Phase 2: Technical assistance when establishing the specifications of the consultation
¬ Advice on the purchasing strategy.
¬ Drafting of consultation documents.
¬ Market analysis to identify potential candidates.

Phase 3: Technical assistance when evaluating applications and offers
¬ Support in the evaluation of offers.
¬ Technical recommendations to help LAP in its final decision-making.

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