Test bench for TP-400 engines, Moron Air Base, Seville (Spain)

Industrial engineering
Overseeing works and health and safety coordination
Date: 2005
Client: Turboprop industry – Spanish Air Force

The work carried out by AERTEC Solutions in this project consisted of overseeing the works and health and safety coordination for the TP-400 engine text bench.

The TP-400 is the new 11,000 CV engine (8,200kW) for the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft. It is equipped with a twin- spool gas generator, with a third coaxial shaft connecting the low pressure power turbine to the 5.3 m-diameter eight bladed composite propeller, via an offset reduction gearbox.

The gas generator´s configuration is as follows: five-stage intermediate pressure (IP) compressor, driven by a single stage IP turbine; contra-rotating six-stage high pressure (HP) compressor driven by a single- stage air-cooled HP turbine. The power turbine has three stages.

The building is within the Moron de la Frontera Air Base and located adjacent to a consolidated development, and it is equipped with all kinds of services, sanitation, supplies and electricity.

Technical data

¬ Developed surface area measuring: 8,973.55m2

¬ Built-up surface area measuring: 206.22m2 

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