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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

AERTEC / Fabian Mahler

Fabian Mahler


#AERTECteam / Since 2023

Hamburg (Germany)

“[AERTEC] is the result of combining interesting projects, a positive work atmosphere, a culture of collaboration and a focus on innovation and quality.”

My first few days at AERTEC

When I first heard about AERTEC I thought it would be a great place to develop my professional career and the aviation industry was not new to me. In fact, I was already passionate about this field before I joined the company. However, my fascination for the aviation industry dates back to when I was a child. As a child, I was fascinated about aircraft and my dream job was to become a pilot.

When I was asked to join AERTEC, I felt like a door was opening to a world I am passionate about and from which I can learn a lot. I was fascinated and motivated about the idea of joining a company specialising in aviation projects.


My career at AERTEC

I will never forget my first day at work after joining AERTEC. My colleagues gave me a very warm welcome. They all made sure I felt at home. I was accompanied by my mentor that day, who not only showed me around the installations but also talked to me about AERTEC’s culture, values and mission. This personal support helped me become acquainted with the corporate culture very rapidly.

From the first moment, I knew that AERTEC was not just a workplace, but also a small community. During the day, I was also introduced to the tasks I would carry out and to my professional responsibilities. My team introduced me to the projects I would be working on and also to the company’s processes. I was thrilled to be working in a real work environment and to see how my skills and experience would fit in the company. In hindsight, this has been an amazing journey filled with opportunities, from which I have learned a lot and in which I have grown personally. I feel privileged working for the company and hope to develop my professional career and learn a lot here. AERTEC has already shown me in a very short period of time that its is a place of unlimited opportunities and in which team work plays a crucial role. 


What I like best about my job 

One of the things I like the most about my post as an Integrated Systems Developer at AERTEC is the opportunity to develop creative solutions to face technical challenges. The world of integrated systems offers endless opportunities to innovate and I truly enjoy being part of a team specialising in the development and optimisation of such complex systems.

When I think about what I like most about my job, the first thing that comes up to mind is the pressure and tight deadlines in some projects. We sometimes have to face incredibly tight deadlines while developing and delivering complex systems. This can be stressful, but it also requires efficient time management skills and the ability to work under pressure. 


My colleagues 

One of the aspects I find most gratifying is working with such talented colleagues. There is a willingness to exchange knowledge and offer support in my team, which helps me grow professionally. We work together hand-in-hand to find innovative solutions and implement successful projects.  


Working in AERTEC 

It is a good place to work, which is the result of combining interesting projects, a positive work atmosphere, a culture of collaboration and a focus on innovation and quality. This is what makes AERTEC a very appealing option for aerospace industry professionals.