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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

Talento AERTEC - José Antonio Fernández

José A. Fernández


#AERTECteam / Since 2022

Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

“If you are an active and motivated person, AERTEC will give you what you need to stay motivated. Moreover, colleagues are nice and warm, and help me when I need it.”

My first few days at AERTEC

I joined the company by chance. My father told me about a job opening at Mallorca airport one day and I said to myself: why not? I had nothing to lose and much to gain. At the time, I was new to the world of aeronautics (I am a graduate in Chemistry), but I learnt much about this world in a very short period of time thanks to my new colleagues.


My career at AERTEC

I was very nervous on my first day at work, nothing out of the ordinary. They introduced me to my colleagues and I was surprised to see many young people like me. We all had lunch together that day and I thought “it’s amazing how close this team is.

I think I have earned the trust of my colleagues in a very short period of time. I like to learn new things and perform more and more tasks, helping here and there … One day, I would like to be in a position of more responsibility.


What I like most about my job

I like routines, so my job which is all about mechanical tasks and routines, is perfect for me. I manage to have things under control and quickly detect anomalies. I love to prepare spreadsheets from scratch and see how things unfold according to my colleagues’ or clients’ needs and see the end result.

Moreover, colleagues are very friendly and approachable, and help me when I need it.


My colleagues

My colleagues are always there to help me and are incredibly friendly. I would say that, overall, the teams are both very capable and helpful.


Working in AERTEC

If you are an active and motivated person, AERTEC will give you what you need to stay motivated. The company is on a path of constant growth and it offers you the possibility of growing professionally and developing your career with them. It also offers opportunities to students, allowing them to combine work and academic studies and to work from home.


Life beyond the office: my hobbies

I love to read and play video games, even though these might seem to be incompatible hobbies. I love spending time at home, going out for a walk or having a drink with friends. Life offers plenty of things to do and you can learn to be happy in many different ways.