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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

Talento AERTEC - Pablo Moreno

Pablo Moreno Sánchez


#AERTECteam / Since 2021

Madrid / Alicante (Spain)

“Without a doubt, what I like most is the work atmosphere, how flexible the company is and that I feel part of the AERTEC family.”

My first few days at AERTEC

During my internship at AENA, I met one of AERTEC’s senior employees who spoke wonders about the company. He talked to me about a job opening, I sent my CV and was very lucky to be asked to join the company.

I have been interested in the world of aeronautics since I was a child. I live in Barajas and my father works at the airport, so I have been familiar with this world since very young. I now enjoy it from the inside.


My career at AERTEC

I was quite nervous on my first day at work because I did not know what I would find. My colleagues treated me like a member of the team and I felt really comfortable from the start.

I have always liked the projects and tasks assigned which have allowed me to grow professionally in the aeronautical sector. I have grown from an inexperienced lad who was willing to learn to a person with experience in different areas and with the potential to grow professionally in the world of airports.


What I like most about my job

Without a doubt, what I like most is the work environment, the company’s flexibility and feeling part of the AERTEC family. I usually work at Madrid airport and my colleagues from the Airport Operations team are now much more than just colleagues but also friends.

Moreover, since the moment I joined AERTEC, I could see that it looks after its employees and is concerned about each and every one of us, as people. I experienced this first hand because I had a big personal problem and the company’s response was amazing, with an understanding attitude at all times.

Actually, I cannot choose a specific project or activity, because all have their own pros and cons, but you can contribute to and learn from each and every one of them.


My colleagues

My colleagues are also my friends. They never try to take your job or step on your toes, we’re all in the same boat and the atmosphere is great. We can talk about work-related issues or about absurd things, so we can even talk about our personal life and have a laugh together.


Working in AERTEC

AERTEC looks after its employees, so it’s a great place to work. No other company is like AERTEC; none are as flexible to your personal problems and have such a warm atmosphere. Something I really like is how transparent the company is in all areas. I hold a monthly meeting where they explain the company’s results, expectations and anything that might affect us as employees.

I think that companies achieve what they achieve thanks to their employees and that, even though there are many other factors, there are no limits if you have happy employees who feel part of the company.


Life beyond the office: my hobbies

I enjoy watching sports, in particular, football. I am a big fan of Real Madrid. I also like to watch other sports, like tennis or F1. However, without a doubt, what I enjoy most is going out with my friends or enjoying my home town’s festivities, which I have been doing since I was a child.