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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

Talento AERTEC - Víctor Lara

Víctor Lara


#AERTECteams / Since 2021

Seville (Spain)

“Knowing that you are working on things that no one has ever achieved before or that could help guarantee the safety and happiness of those around you makes for quite a thrilling ride.”

My first few days at AERTEC

My first option was the degree in Aerospace Engineering because I have always been interested in the world of aviation. However, I am also passionate about the automotive industry, so I finally chose to study Mechanical Engineering.

A friend of mine who works at AERTEC told me about the company and mentioned that I could apply for a job by sending my CV. AERTEC gave me the opportunity to join the team. Who would tell me that I would end up on the path of aeronautics in some way or another.


My career at AERTEC

I have fond memories of my first day at AERTEC. I learned very quickly how the team worked together thanks to my great colleagues, who welcomed me right from the start. I remember how colleagues treated each other with great respect, regardless of their position, treating each other as equals. It was hard to tell who was a manager and who was not, something that is very hard to achieve in any company.

I am very proud of what I have achieved professionally at AERTEC because I have managed to participate in many cutting-edge projects. I even find it hard to remember all of them. I am so thankful of earning their trust from day one, which has allowed me to perform in the best possible way at work.


What I like most about my job

Knowing that you are working on things that no one has ever achieved before or that could help guarantee the safety and happiness of those around you makes for quite a thrilling ride. Cognitively speaking, I consider myself a very inquisitive person and what I like most about this job is that I feel I am constantly facing different challenges and innovating.

I do many different things during a normal day, depending on the phase of a project. For example, during phases in which I need to plan and organise tasks, draft documents, etc., I usually work from home. However, this is not the norm for a position like mine, so even though I can work from home, I try to spend as much time at the Development Centre as possible to improve collaborative work.


My colleagues

I would define my colleagues as my friends, regardless of their place in the organisational chart.

In terms of work, I would define them as top professionals who have always something positive or innovative to contribute to their colleagues. They are also always willing to help each other and make up for their weaknesses, making you improve as a professional.


Working in AERTEC

Objectively speaking, this is a great company to work for because it is constantly growing and expanding. The growth trends and changes in the last few years represent a turning point for the company. Its growth is easy to see.

On a more personal side, this is a great company, with flexible work schedules that can be adapted to everyone, with a superb work atmosphere, in which everyone respects each other and with a vast portfolio of innovative and exciting projects that are hard to find in other companies in the sector.


Life beyond the office: my hobbies

Mainly sports, spending time with my friends and the automotive industry. As far as I can remember, I have always practised sports, mainly football and off-road motorcycle riding, although I now ride my motorcycle more on the road.