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Testimonials of AERTEC's staff

Talento AERTEC - Jorge Cordero

Jorge Cordero


#AERTECteam / 2016 – 2023

Seville (Spain)

“One of the things I like most is the freedom to work on my own and that I feel like managers trust me.”

My first few days at AERTEC

I was asked to join AERTEC because one of its main clients in Seville required specific support to coordinate its R&D+i projects of the Industrial Resources Department. I had already worked in the field of aeronautics in R&D+i and investment projects for Airbus Defence & Space.


My career at AERTEC

I am very happy with what I have achieved and with the opportunities they gave me. I worked on very important programmes and projects, such as, Clean Sky 2, FCAS, ARPA (RPAS arming), was a member of the team that drafted the Aerospace Strategy for Andalusia and actively participated in many different national and international tenders. I was fortunate enough to work for two departments – the Technological Consultancy and Aircraft Systems Departments – and I collaborated with many multi-disciplinary departments, such as R&D+i and Marketing.


What I liked the most about working at AERTEC

The freedom to work on my own and that I feel like managers trust me.

The FOX project, part of the Ministry of Defence’s ARPA programme, was the last project in which I participated. I really enjoyed working on this project because of the incredible amount of challenges associated with developing a semi-active laser guided missile, covering many different branches of engineering: aeronautics (aerodynamics and guiding, navigation and control), electronics, optics, software, etc.


My colleagues

Everyone with whom I have worked at AERTEC has very kind, some I would consider my friends, and I still see and talk to many who left the company. It is a diverse group in terms of age, training and professional careers. I have learnt a lot from them during my time here.


Life beyond the office: my hobbies

I like to play padel, although I have practised many different types of sports, such as football, skiing, horse riding, etc. I also love nature and cooking.