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TARSIS technology for multipurpose unmanned systems at UNVEX 2024

AERTEC, a global aerospace technology company, will be exhibiting at UNVEX, the largest event for remotely piloted systems or drones which is being held in Spain and starts today. Now in its eighth year, it is being held at the Montjuic exhibition centre in Barcelona, where 50 companies and organisations will be exhibiting the top technological trends in the unmanned systems market.

One of the standout companies at UNVEX will be AERTEC, which will be showcasing the capabilities of its TARSIS fixed-wing aerial platforms, for which it is the design authority and manufacturer. AERTEC’s UAS are chiefly designed to cater for long flight times and high equipment loads, giving them outstanding configuration flexibility to suit their intended operating environment, whether this be civil or military.

AERTEC’s UAS support multiple configurations to suit their intended operating environment, whether this be civil or military.

They are high-performance UAS made entirely of carbon fibre and with 100% Spanish proprietary technology. The latest flight campaigns have demonstrated their improved technological and operational capabilities. They are marketed as versatile solutions both for ground operations (emergencies, fire-fighting support, surveillance of linear infrastructures) and on the coast (patrol and surveillance, search and rescue operations at sea, monitoring and support for spill containment, combating illegal fishing and drug trafficking), and even to support military operations.

At this event, AERTEC will also be showcasing its extensive range of proprietary developments and services in the field of UAS, such as its ground control system (GCS) or its flight termination system (FTS), which ensures highly reliable and safe UAS operation.

“UNVEX is a marvellous stage on which to showcase the operational and technological maturity of our unmanned systems capabilities, and to share our latest system developments with government bodies, agencies, companies and potential partners” explained Pedro Becerra, Director of AERTEC’s Aerospace and Defence Systems Division.

The company will also be participating in the conference sessions at the event, specifically in two round tables on “Security and Counter-UAS”, where Rafael Márquez, AERTEC’s Aerospace and Defence Systems Business Development Manager, will be talking about the latest capabilities that have been developed, and the TARSIS systems’ successful involvement in threat detection projects. Meanwhile, Pedro Becerra, will be taking part in the round table discussion on “Security: Unmanned Systems in Civil Defence and Emergencies”, where they will discuss the active role of unmanned aerial systems in emergency situations and their advantages, including their ability to operate in both daylight and night-time hours.



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