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AERTEC reveals its technology roadmap to emission neutral aviation at the ADM

Seville will host the Aerospace and Defense Meetings-ADM, one of the main meetings of the aeronautical and defence sector in Spain, from 14 to 16 May, which will see the attendance of more than 250 companies from 26 countries. Among them will be AERTEC, an international company specialising in aerospace and defence technology, who this year will attend the ADM as a “GOLD” sponsor, exhibiting the company’s main technological developments aimed at the aerospace sector at its own stand.

One of the key advances driving the Spanish company is its work on managing electrical power in aircraft and high-voltage direct current (HVDC), thanks to intelligent, modular devices such as the AS27, which facilitates the management of multiple voltages: 28VDC, 115VAC, 230VAC, 270VDC, 540VDC, etc.

The innovations that AERTEC will present include the development of intelligent and dynamic solutions for electrical power distribution in aircraft, which represent a step forward in improving the efficiency of sustainable aircraft in order to contribute to meeting the challenge of Zero Emissions by 2050. In this regard, AERTEC is developing innovative solutions that allow an aeroplane to make decisions about the power assigned to each system of the aircraft in a smart and autonomous manner, in real time. This decision-making is managed dynamically, taking into account the flight phase of the aircraft and the electrical power requirement of each aeroplane load.

Reunión en el stand de AERTEC“A typical example is engines. In the take-off phase, aeroplanes need greater thrust, and this is where the system developed by AERTEC can automatically assign 80% of the total energy generated, reducing the energy assigned to other less important systems,” explain company sources. “However, during the cruise phase or landing phase, the energy requirements of the engines are lower. This means more power can be assigned to the ventilation systems, on-board entertainment or lighting systems, for example.”

One of the products that make up a comprehensive concept of electrical power management and distribution is the AS27, which uses SSPCs (Solid State Power Controllers) based on silicon carbide technology (SiC). “AERTEC is currently one of the few companies that has achieved a modular system capable of switching between multiple voltages:  115 VAC, 230 VAC, 270 VDC and ± 270 VDC, 540VDC.”

“The importance of AERTEC’s AS27 is rooted in the fact that we find ourselves at a key moment in time, due to the common goal of achieving climate neutral aviation. The aeronautical sector is addressing the use of alternative energy sources on flights, while reducing the total energy needed for the flight. In this scenario, the management and distribution systems represent a system that is completely critical for all sustainable aircraft, and that is key to ensuring the efficiency of sustainable aircraft and the power supply to loads,” notes AERTEC.

Participation in the panel on advanced air mobility

It is precisely this idea that will be discussed by the expert panel, at which AERTEC will be present at the 12th edition of the ADM, entitled UAS and Advanced Air Mobility: Threats and Opportunities. Rafael Márquez, Director of Aerospace & Defence Systems Development at AERTEC, will therefore take part in the panel on 15 May from 11:20, together with José Ignacio Rodriguez, from Bluenest by Globalvia, and Antidio Viguria, from CATEC, with the discussion being moderated by Mélanie Durth, Head of Innovation at the Andalucía Aerospace Cluster. The key topics that will be addressed by these experts are, among others, the market trends in Advanced Air Mobility, airspace and regulations, integration into airspace and transport systems or vertiports.

In addition, as usual, AERTEC will hold various work meetings with partners and collaborators during the three days of the exhibition.



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