AGUILAS / Application to control and monitor production operations on the A400M FAL

Industrial engineering

Technical consultancy / Operations

Date: 2011 – ongoing

Client: Airbus D&S

AERTEC Solutions has developed the AGUILAS application (AERTEC Graphical User Interface for Local Advanced Services), which is in charge of monitoring production on the A400M FAL.

AGUILAS centralises all the information from the different data sources used in operational planning (SAP, CATS, MS Project…).

It allows standardised automated monitoring reports to be generated for the different workstations, thereby minimising creation times and the errors committed when they are prepared manually.

Likewise, its enormous customisation capability allows its use to be extended to all workstations, even when the production processes they perform are different (Airframe & Ground System Tests).

Its cloud-based application architecture allows one to work from any terminal equipped with an internet connection and it implements a robust and secure authentication and data processing system.

Work phases

¬ Analysis of info requirements and input/output data flows

¬ Design of a standard document compatible with all workstations

¬ Definition of the process to generate monitoring reports

Scope of work

¬ Design of data interfaces for Airbus info sources

¬ Development of customisation options to extend its functionality to cover all stations

¬ Minimisation of timescales, generation of files and automation of production monitoring

¬ The application’s development is compatible with Airbus Military security specifications

Technical data

¬ Kerberos – SSH secure authentication and data processing system

¬ Cloud-based application, accessible through any web browser

¬ Compatible with Airbus data sources: SAP, CATS, MS Project Reports, Special Instruction Reports, Impact Reports, Preliminary Monitoring Reports

¬ Enhancement of communications among stations

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