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Defence systems / projects & references

These are some references to projects in which AERTEC has participated in the field of defense systems.

AERTEC emisor láser

DEW & DIRC projects

DIRCM system`s engineering related services (Airbus Defence & Space, 2017-2018)

System´s engineering tasks related to DIRCM for Korea and Spain´s aircraft (MRTT, A400M respectively): system ground tests and test means engineering tasks such as specification, design, tests scheduling and tests assessment.

 LASERONUAV (European Defence Agency, 2017-2019)

Design and development of a microdiode laser emitter at 2.1 microns to be used as part of a DIRCM system for UAVs. Two prototypes were developed, tested and demonstrated up to TRL6, one based on Optically Pumped Vertical Diode (OPVD) and the other based on Diode Bar Emitter (DBE).

 TALOS – Tactical Advanced Laser Optical System (European Defence Agency, 2019-XXX)

It will develop and demonstrate some of the most critical Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW) technologies paving the way to the design and build of an EU high-power laser effector to be integrated in military applications by 2025. Within the consortium, Aertec is performing target vulnerability classification studies based on simulations.

AERTEC Micromisil

Laser guided systems projects

Laser guidance kit for rockets (Ministry of Defence of Spain – Directorate-General for Armament and Material, 2014 – today)

Optimization, adaptation and manufacture of an operational semi-active laser guidance kit prototype, with guidance, navigation and control (GNC) system, compatible with the 70 mm air-to-ground rocket.

 Air-to-ground guided bomb for training (COINCIDENTE Programme, Ministry of Defence of Spain – Directorate-General for Armament and Material, 2019- today)

Design, development and demonstrating of an air-to-ground guided bomb for training. It includes the development of the seeker including the optical subsystem and the electronics enabling the guidance towards the target.

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