Technical assistance for the planning, design, monitoring and control of system data integration and fusion Malaga Airport (Spain)

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The new T3 terminal at Malaga Airport included a number of new systems that needed to be integrated with existing systems. Data exchange also needed to be ensured through the new strategy of using middleware. The entire integration process needed testing and managing before the new, expanded airport could be commissioned. The expansion is designed to increase passenger numbers from 12 to 20 million per year.

AERTEC was responsible for creating an “information systems inventory” and an “information model” for Malaga Airport, including all the airport’s current information systems and the systems to be implemented for the airport’s expansion, as well as the information flows that will be exchanged.

Identifying and creating information systems integration requirements for the expanded airport. Defining the interfaces between the systems to be integrated. Defining the interface management procedure.

AERTEC has also been responsible for defining and monitoring the facilities control systems (SCADA) and building management systems (BMS) at Malaga airport, using the Wonderware software platform (now AVEVA).

Cooperating with tests on the security software and the corresponding hardware for access control and video surveillance.

Helping create systems integration and data fusion clauses for the technical specifications of new contracts and amendments to existing contracts.

Supporting the management and operation of the airport’s data integration and fusion test centre: supporting the configuration of the centre; defining centre management procedures and inventory of test facilities; offering support for integration tests at the centre; creating test execution reports at the centre, etc.

As a company specialising in airports and also as a software developer, AERTEC was able to provide the necessary expertise to make the task easier from both perspectives. Cooperating in the successful start-up of the new T3 terminal at Malaga Airport.

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