IT Master Plan from the technical support service at Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima (Peru)

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The airport in Peru’s capital is developing an expansion programme aimed at attracting 35 million passengers, for which it will build a second runway and a new midfield terminal. The expansion will require a new strategy for IT system deployment.

The consultancy services provided by AERTEC, in cooperation with McCor Airport Solutions, can be summarised in the following three concepts:

Developing the systems integration procedure and drafting the ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) requirements for the Jorge Chavez International Airport expansion project in Lima and its integration with the other technical requirements of the expansion project. ICT requirements were developed for command and control systems, integration and database systems, operations and passenger processing systems, the aviation safety system, building management systems and backoffice systems for the future passenger terminal, the airfield and all ancillary buildings in the expansion project.

Drafting the ICT master plan that will govern the procurement, installation and integration of the airport expansion project’s ICT systems.

Participation as a subject matter expert (SME) in cost validation meetings in accordance with Cost Estimate Validation Process (CEVP) methodology.

AERTEC has already worked with Fraport A.G., the main partner in the LAP (Lima Airport Partners) consortium, and we have carried out several projects in Peru, which allows us to bring our local vision to the project. At the same time, our experience as designers of passenger terminals and airfields allows us to plan the future deployment of IT systems through a comprehensive and detailed IT master plan that allows us to prepare and contract all requirements for implementing the airport expansion.

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