Integrated design of taxiway H1 with apron at El Dorado International Airport, Bogota (Colombia)

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AERTEC was the company awarded the contract by OPAIN for the drafting of the detailed design project for the building of a new taxiway connection between the current taxiway and the maintenance apron.

The works consisted of the integrated design of a new taxiway connecting the existing aircraft maintenance apron with taxiway H, also taking into account the associated services: drainage system and visual aids system.

Also included in the scope of works was the upgrading of the existing maintenance apron, which involvedmthe reconfiguration of all parking slots, simulation of aircraft movement with the new layout and the installation of new mega towers, together with the lighting study for the entire apron and the new taxiway.

Given AERTEC’s experience in this type of project, the design was adapted to the operational needs of El Dorado Airport, as well as the operational area affected by the project.

AERTEC carried out an operational study that allowed the operation of the apron and taxiway H at all times during the works, adapting its design to this need from the very beginning.

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