Inventory, Diagnosis, Planning, Studies and Construction Design for 6 Regional Aerodromes (Colombia)

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The public/private entity ENTerritorio (Empresa Nacional Promotora del Desarrollo Territorial), under the Colombian National Government, awarded the JV (Joint Venture), formed by AERTEC and the architectural firm JCM, the contract for the preparation of the master plans and construction studies and designs for the comprehensive remodelling of six regional airports in Colombia.

The works were subdivided into two stages. Stage I consisted of the preparation of diagnostic documents and master plans with a 30-year horizon (2021-2050) for six airports in Colombia: Bahía Solano (BHS), Barbosa (BSA), Puerto Inírida (IDA), Miraflores (MFS), Necoclí (NCI) and Sogamoso (SOX).

Stage II consisted of the preparation of the construction projects to carry out the actions foreseen in the first phase of the study period of the master plans, both on the airside: runways, taxiways and aprons, and on the landside: terminal building, fire services and associated urban development. Also included in this Stage II is an MGA study for the formulation and structuring of the projects, which will be of a public nature.

AERTEC contributed its knowledge and experience in all items of the airport infrastructure development cycle, from the preparation of infrastructure diagnostics, capacity calculations for the different subsystems and the drafting of master plans, to the development of detailed projects. The volume of information generated was very high, given that six aerodromes were involved and the deadlines were very tight. This meant that from the early stages of the project AERTEC’s know-how was key to meeting the deadlines and the high quality of the final products.

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