Design for the extension of aprons El Dorado Airport, Bogota (Colombia)

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OPAIN, the company in charge of the management of El Dorado Airport, awarded AERTEC the contract for the final design of two aprons located in different parts of the airport’s manoeuvring area.

The works consisted of the development of the detailed design of two (2) aprons, the cargo apron and the eastern apron, together with their associated taxiways. The works included both the design of the geometric configuration of the aprons, parking slot sizing and aircraft movement analysis, as well as the design of apron pavements, drainage, AGL and apron lighting.

AERTEC brought its extensive experience in the design of airport infrastructures to this project, as well as its knowledge of airport operational analysis.

At the operational level, two major difficulties were encountered, namely: the construction phase had to take into account the fact that different areas of the same apron had to be put into operation as the works progressed and, in addition, they had to be perfectly integrated with the existing infrastructure. AERTEC managed to combine both aspects optimally, to the satisfaction of the airport operator.

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